Minardi Hair Care Products

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“Wash” and “After-Wash”

Designed for hair treated with semipermanent, and demi-permanent hair coloring products. Or for hair treated with permanent hair color shades level seven or darker. Also great for hair which has not been color-treated but is permed or chemically relaxed.


“Wash” and “After-Wash” — designed for hair treated with all shades of permanent hair color (alkaline). Contains more moisturizing and fortifying ingredients than the ENERGIZING products, yet never leaves hair feeling “greasy”.


“Wash” and “After-Wash– designed for hair which has been treated with high lift shades of permanent hair color and/or with hair lighteners (a.k.a. ‘bleaches). Also great for hair which has been treated with both color and chemical relaxer OR hair which has been treated with both color and permanent wave solution. This is basically for hair which is FRIED, BRILLO PAD, OVER-PROCESSED, BARBEQUED HAIR.


For COLOR TREATED HAIR: a true “E.R. IN A JAR” – This remarkable creme treatment is applied to dry hair and left in contact with a damaged or porous hair shaft for fifteen to thirty minutes PRIOR to shampooing. No heat is required.

In the salon, our colorists perform a beautifying treatment to the hair shaft every time we apply a color retouch. As the color is developing on the hair near the scalp, MINARDI PRE-WASH THERAPY is applied to the entire hair shaft. So, while the “roots” are being colored, the dry, porous lackluster hair shaft is being both strengthened with proteins AND moisturized. When the coloring process is complete, the hair is shampooed with MINARDI ENERGIZING WASH and then conditioned with the appropriate MINARDI AFTER-WASH TREATMENT.