Make Overs

BA Branna Curly1 Make OversBEFORE                                      AFTER

For Briana’s hair color, I first used a warm strawberry filler and then tinted with a copper auburn to create a beautiful background hair color. Next I highlighted with a mild bleach and toned with a beautiful strawberry red hair color. I then cut and carved her hair to create a stunning textured look.                                                                                                 Hair by Cal Martini…..Makeup by Denice Tousche


BeforAfter Femke Make OversBEFORE                                        AFTER

Femke has light “paper bag brown” hair with a lifeless hair cut. By highlighting her with a light strawberry copper blonde tent, and then glazing with Redken Shades E.Q. light copper blonde, it warmed her natural hair color and gave life to her hair. Along with a great cut and carving, her hair became more bouncy and free flowing.                              Hair by Cal Martini…..Makeup by Denice Tousche



Before After Corrine Make OversBEFORE                                        AFTER

Corinne’s old hair color blended in with her skin tones. Basically it washed her out. By making her hair color a richer auburn brown and somewhat deeper, it brought out her skin tones. Then the hair became a frame for face.                                                                 Hair color by Cal Martini….Hair Style and Makeup by Christine McConnell


BeforeAfter Ann Make OversBEFORE                                        AFTER

Ann was in need of to give her hair some sparkle and life.   Bringing out her natural red hair color which created more brilliance and adding soft accent highlights made all the difference in the world.  Sometimes  a small change can be a dramatic.                                Hair by Cal Martini…..Makeup by Denice Tousche

BeforeAfter Megan Make Overs BEFORE                                        AFTER

Meghann had overly processed blonde hair that was a bit damaged. I layered with several different fillers of color to create a beautiful chocolate brown hair color that looks be-lievable. Then the hair was carved in to give a more textured hair cut. A bit free and easy.     Hair by Cal Martini…..Makeup by Denice Tousche


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